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A slice is nice

I, like most people in Scotland ( and probably most of the western world), like to have the occasional takeaway. In the Monklands area, there is a wide range of places to pick up something to eat when you just don’t have the time cooking or just fancy something different.

So, with such a wide choice, why is it that all the Pizza places ( I’m thinking Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Dimaggio’s and even the local chip shops) always have the same standard offerings?

Surely, with all the competition, these companies would try to draw in customers with something a bit more enticing? I did notice that Pizza Hut had some “gourmet” pizza choices, with rocket and balsamic glaze, but these were only for eat-in customers. The latest ideas appear to be to have cheese burgers built into the crust (not entirely enticing for vegetarians, such as myself) and to make things more bizarre they also started selling “chips” (because there aren’t enough places selling them?! Burger King, McDonald’s, any chip shop or pretty much every other take away !?!)

Even the local restaurants such as Dimaggio’s, who used to produce some interesting variations (such as the four cheese and tomato, which used to have chunks of cheese and tasty big slices of tomato ), now look very similar to every other Pizza place. There doesn’t look like four cheeses, and any chunks are tiny with only the odd pizza having any tomato slices on it at all.

The one restaurant that has always shone above the rest, Guidi’s has also fallen by the wayside as the quality dropped as the business grew. I’d still put them ahead of the competition for style but their quality lets them down and sometimes I feel that their menu doesn’t cater for vegetarians as much as they could.

So we are left with the standard boring pizza toppings, paying for the same bland flavours and choices, when there are so many great exciting possible topping combinations. Why?

Is there room for someone to take up the challenge of creating something different, exciting and tasty? or will the major chains eventually wake up to the opportunities that they have in the palm of their hands?


Apple’s iCloud – what the future holds

What are Apple’s plans for iCloud?

Could past developments with Final Cut X indicate that they will be moving to MacPro or iMacs to be used as workhorses, with iPads and iPhones as the interface?

Could this be a step towards iCloud hosting these applications?

Could it be an indication that Apple are thinking of moving away from the desktop and this was just the first step in that direction?

For many in IT, Cloud computing is seen as the next big step, with Amazon providing services for various companies, big and small, from various markets, from national and international firms looking to cut costs but increase availability, through to national and international companies providing services to their customers (ie the likes of NetFlix and Twitter).

Then there is Microsoft, providing Office 365. Adobe are moving to cloud only products like creative suite. Finally Apple with it’s iCloud, which hosts iTunes, backup services for iOS devices, calendars, to do lists, mail and the iWorks suite and the back end processing for applications like maps ( I assume).

There are always questions about the security of cloud computing systems, including the recent celebrity nude selfies hacks(?), and some people and companies get scared easily by unfounded media stories and rumours. If you consider the numerous big companies using cloud computing, the numerous customers and then consider the capabilities and amazing possibilities this concept is capable of, I think that the risks are tiny compared to the potential and substantial benefits on offer.

the cloud, be it Apple’s iCloud or any other vendors offering is here to stay and change the face of computing, moving us all into the future with the next phase of computing & the internet.