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Apple ‘Phones 

There’s been rumours, as usual, about the next Apple iPhone (7) and as usual they are as mixed and as outlandish as usual.

One of the most recent articles I have read (from uSwitch) berated the rumoured removal of the headphone socket from the next rumoured iPhone.

Personally I have, in the past, looked at changes that Apple have made and not understood the reasoning. I first made that mistake when Apple removed the floppy disk when they produced the iMac.  When you look back, with hindsight, why were we so blind to think that a PC needed a floppy disk drive. Writable CDs then DVDs and then external drives and UBD pen drives have quickly replaced the unreliable and space limited removable devices. It’s dot to the point that if you asked a teenage kid today they would be shocked that such devices existed at all.

I feel that Apple, if they are removing the headphone jack/socket, have taken a bold leap into the future and it’s a long time coming. Personally I find the headphone socket to be unreliable and prone to being easily damaged. I believe people my age, remember walkmans [other portable tape players were available], MP3 players and them mobile phones that played music. But the number of times I’ve seen such devices lying broken by a headphone jack jammed , a piece of paper/material jammed into the socket, the internal contacts bent/broken and other issues that indicate that the headphone connector has had it’s day, make me think that it’s well past time that somone took a stand and got rid of this outdated and obsolete connector.

The rumours are that Apple will use the lightning connector instead, which could lead to some interesting possibilities. Could apple add some additional capabilities that are not possible with the traditional headphone socket? better noise cancelling? Advanced sound quality ?  or something amazing that has never been tried before?

To be honest I’m not sure why Apple still have a headphone socket.  I listen to music, music apps and on-line radio stations (Margaritavile is a must) on occasions, but the headphones that come with my iPhone became faulty some time ago and I think I would replace them with some bluetooth headphones if they weren’t so expensive. 

Any attempt by Apple to improve on the standard headphone socket may render traditional headphones unusable and, I believe, may lead some to criticise Apple and lead some to question their motives.
I see a lot of people walking around with the white Apple headphones, mostly talking, but sometimes listening to music. I suspect that if new lightning Apple headphones were provided with their new iPhone these users wouldn’t really care as long as they don’t loose any abilities that the original headphones had and if the headphones had additional capabilities then, I believe, making the switch would make sense to many.

Personally I am hopefull that Apple do make a radical change.  Apple have always pushed us into the future and make decisions that go against widely held beliefs but make us realise (in time) that what we have clung to so long is a relic of the past, something we have clung to like a favourite child’s toy / blanket, a sense of the familiar, without questioning why!


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