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Watch is going on? (part 2)

In my original posting “Watch is going on?” I focussed on how Apple may have been working with Swatch on development of the fabled and much rumoured iWatch.

I’ve been thinking, after reading some of the rumours and getting rather bored of the same tired ideas, what would Apple make and how would they do it?

My thoughts tend to drift back to the launch of the iPhone, another much rumoured product where the rumour mill had very bland ideas compared to the product that was finally launched.  If you remember the launch, Steve Jobs talked about the iPod as the best music device and how Apple wanted to make a phone whilst make it the best phone they could. He then talked about merging the two ideas and how much each would usually cost and how much the iPhone would eventually cost.

So would Apple do the same for the iWatch (assuming that it is actually a watch and not a TV product, or something else) ? I’m not big on designer watches, but I do know that they can be very expensive, shiny and extremely well crafted. I get the feeling that quite a few have bracelet straps (i.e. they have metal straps that are in little ‘chunks’) and can cost a few hundred pounds up to a few thousand.

So if you think of merging or partnering an iconic Apple product like the iPhone with a high quality designer watch, what would you get ?

I believe it would be a sleek, stylish design, in a machined & laser etched metal (thinking MacBook Air, iPhone etc) with a bracelet strap which could hide some interesting components that are commonly found in iPhones, fitness wrist bands etc. I don’t believe that Apple would produce what has been touted in the rumour mill over the years, with a plastic or leather strap (unless Apple managed to hide some interesting tech in the strap, such as an RFID chip to make it easy to synch the device with your iPhone or Mac).

I believe that the recent WWDC mention of sharing the iPhone calls between the phone and a Mac (iMac, Macbook etc) would also appear on the device, sharing not just calls but the Internet capabilities (i.e. tethering / personal hotspot ) so that the drive can receive notifications and be able to send information itself via your other Apple devices in the vicinity. I’d love to see the device using Apple’s clustering technologies (which were developed for OSX Server) to do things that the device may not have the processing power to do itself. I suspect that the technology is already used in products such as Siri and other software products such as Maps, iPhoto, iWork and iCloud.

By using clustering technologies, it would be possible to do things on the device that the current products on the market could not feasibly conceive of.  What these are I don’t know, but if you had a small device that could take advantage of the power of Apple’s servers, the processing power of an iPhone, iPad, iPod and even an iMac or MacBook what could you create that hasn’t even been thought about before?…  

Before the iPhone appeared, people had simple little java games on their phone and now there are loads of games, apps and things that just were not possible before, the iPhone changed all that and now we expect to have everything we need on our phones and find them indispensible tools in our daily lives.

I could be wrong, but I hope that I’m not and that Apple are going to produce another ground breaking device that will take the world by storm by changing what the we believe is possible yet again.


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