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Joining the dots

As an Apple fan, I was intrigued by the latest WWDC invites, which show a series of rounded edged squares which leaves an impression on the white background, which looks like the top of that Apple logo.

As usual there is a lot of speculation about what “clues” are hidden in the invites. As usual I don’t care.

But it got me thinking, but not about the usual Apple rumours.

Firstly I started thinking about my past postings and the invite reminds me of old dot matrix printers, that used rows of pins to form images on the paper. modern ink jet printers USA a similar process but instead of pins they use little jets that push droplets of ink onto the paper. Could this be Apple stepping back into HP’s pool and updating printing technology? As much as I would personally love this, I doubt it (although it would be a bold move, that could just work considering the creative background of Apple and their users, not to mention the number of photos that are taken on iPhones)

So, if the invite isn’t something as mundane as the current range of rumours about improved Displays or improved Apps, what could it be about?

I suddenly remembered rumours that surfaced about Apple’s introduction of the iPhone. The rumour was that Apple wanted to produce a device that didn’t rely on The usual cell phone (mobile phone) companies. There was talk that Apple were intending to roll out their own network of some sort.

Recent changes to FaceTime, to allow voice calls over 3G and 4G networks as well as the “Personal Hotspot” option and other sharing options could hint that Apple haven’t given up on their ideals.

If Apple did take the bold step to allow iPhone users to share their Wi-Fi and cellular network ( which I’m sure the Mobile [Cellular] companies wouldn’t be happy with ) it could be really good for everyone. No more poor signal quality, no more slow download speeds just one big shared network. loads of iOS devices all connected together to form an independent network of devices.

As much as I believe it’s a great idea and I’d love to see if the concept could work, but I suspect that in the UK the lack of public WiFi and I suspect the Mobile companies clamping down on “tethering” as they call it, could stop the concept from taking off this side of the pond.

A mesh network of loads of individual networks, if it’s possible, could change the future forever.


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