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Taking the next step

I have been looking around for a new role over the past few years but have newer found the right fit that would persuade me to make the move.

I have a LinkedIn profile and have been approached quite a few times with roles that don’t tick the right boxes for me in some way or another.  Some of these roles have ben with some big organisations such as HP, Sky or GE but they just don’t have the right feel about them so I’ve not made that move.

Probably one of the more interesting approaches was a UK based company, with an office in Edinburgh, that deal with constantly developing and expanding cloud computing market and appear to have a bright future but at the same time realise that they need to provide the dull and boring grey IT services such as Blackberry integration into their offering.  I have noticed that the organisation is again hiring in Edinburgh after successfully opening a new Amsterdam office in 2013.

Despite all these approaches I’ve failed to find that fit. As some readers will know in 2013 I unfortunately missed out on a role that I had hoped that I would have been able to finally secure.  The role is one of the hardest roles to secure in IT support, but I still took the plunge after finding out that the organisation in question were hiring for a new Scottish location (which is still in construction, after several years of rumours and over a years worth of structural work to the existing building).  One of the organisation’s recruiters even ran through a screening telephone interview and I was very hopeful to secure the role, but alas it was not to be.

 I am now faced with yet another dream role, which Unfortunately I can’t take… I have approached by two separate agencies (actually one agency has had three different members of staff try to contact me about the role as I appear to be such a good fit for it !!??)..  The role is a Apple Server role, with Mobile Device Management (MDM), Active directory / Open Directory / LDAP, iMacs iPhone / iPad and soo much more..

This amazing role is for a very solid (and prestigious) organisation, the pay level is amazing and the location is pretty good as well.  Looking at the description of the role it is the sort of dream role that I would love, it even appears to be one of these amazing roles that you could take and develop with as it grows and changes, it has challenges, new skills to learn, old skills to update, and it appears that there is a real desire within the organisation to invest in Apple technologies and systems.

So what’s the issue?  It’s a 3 month contract role!! I’d have to give up a full time permanent role in order to take a bucket load of money for what could be a short term contract (there is mention of extension but there is no mention of a permanent position) and then what? 

Now some IT guys will probably think I’m crazy, some of these guys go from contract to contract, taking the work wherever it is and that’s fine for them. I’ve know some guys would take the money and run (even if they didn’t have the skills and knowledge they would sell and BS their way in to get the pay off and worry about the consequences later ). Personally I’m not one of those guys. I like to take on a role and grow with it, develop with the oganisation to create something. I have a mortgage and I don’t mind turning down the big cash payouts in order to keep a steady pay check, a roof over my head and some form of stability in my life at a time where I have enough stress in my life.  I gave up contract work over 13 years ago (when I was single, had no commitments and was free to take stupid gambles on my future) got married, got a mortgage and moved on with my life, I’m not willing to risk it all for a short term dream role, no matter how amazing that role looks. 

So maybe 2014 will be the year of that elusive role that ticks the right boxes without all the negatives, I hope so?


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