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Unwanted attention

So I decided to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 7 this morning…

(for my thoughts on the changes see my existing blog posting about what I’d like in a future iOS release).

One of the things I was really wanting to try (it sounds silly, but sometimes it’s the simple things) was blocking unwanted and unsolicited Sales calls.

Until this morning, when I receive one of these annoying calls, I have added the number to an existing contact called ‘Unsolicited Sales Call’ and set it to a ring tone that I could easily ignore.

Now that I’m on iOS7 I received a call that I didn’t know the number and I remembered hearing about this feature so I thought I would try to find it…

To block a number I went to ‘Phone’ and then select ‘recents’ to get a list of all the most recent calls. I then selected the Information icon ( circle with a lowercase i inside) on the right of the entry I wanted blocked. Once there I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and found the ‘Block this Caller’ option [this changes to ‘unblock this Caller’ so you can undo the change if you’ve made the change in error].

Since I’ve already added calls that I’ve received from sales organisations into the one contact name all I needed to do was block this user and all the calls will be blocked in one go. Any new calls I do get can just be added to this user and they will be blocked from then on. So no need to block each individual number!!

Very handy, Thanks Apple 🙂


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