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I had added some of my initial thoughts, after my initial upgrade, into an old posting but it’s becoming clearer that Apple have made quite a lot of changes in iOS 7 and an addition to an existing post is not enough..

So what’s the deal?

Keyboard: The keyboard has changed, it feels slightly bigger, less polished but easier to use, cleaner and crisper (dare I say more accurate?). Initially I didn’t like it but after using WordPress’ iOS app (which uses the old keyboard look and feel) I have come to appreciate the changes and it’s growing on me quicker than I had expected.

Lock Screen: With the release of the iPhone 5s with it’s fingerprint recognition sensor, it must have been an obvious choice for Apple’s UI team to change the lock screen to use circular buttons to mimic the home button (and fingerprint sensor). To
me it makes sense and moves away from the metallic,ATM like, buttons on the previous lock screen.

Safari: I’ve not used it much, so far. But I like that the address bar disappears and the page description shrinks down to a smaller font. to make more space for the web page. Maybe it’s me (or just the perception of a change & something new) but web pages appear to load quicker on my iPhone 5.
I like the new layout when you want to
switch between pages that you have open, which takes a similar look and feel as when you use iTunes to flick between Tracks and albums (very reminiscent of being in a record shop and flicking through all the vinyl, looking at all the cover art). Could Apple bring this concept back into iTunes (I’ll have to look at that later).
The password keychain appeared briefly when I logged into a website and I’ll have to look at how that integrates with my MacBook Pro later, it looks like it could be a nice addition especially with the number of different sites I log into and all the different account names and passwords.

Apps: OK not really apps themselves, but switching between apps.. This has changed so you don’t need to press and hold the icon. Instead you get a ‘snapshot’ or ‘screenshot’ of the running app with the icon below (similar to the old way that Safari showed open web pages). To stop a running App you now swipe up and it’s gone. I find it strange that the same interface wasn’t shared between Safari and these running apps.. Maybe it’s the swipe up that’s the issue here? Will that change in a future upgrade?

Mail: Mail appears (there’s that perception again) to be quicker. I have struggled to get used to the new way to delete mails from the mail list. To delete you have to swipe to the left (previously I’ve been swiping to the right [being right hand dominant]) which takes a bit of getting used to but works quite well after a bit or retraining.
Overall mail is working well ( I have multiple MAPI accounts set up) for me and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of obvious changes.

Messages: There’s been a lot of small changes, nothing that’s put me off so far. There’s a bit of fun animation and movement to what was a pretty static app. I’m site there’s more ‘under the hood’ to explore ( trip to my local Apple Store, to visit the Creatives, soon then )

Siri: I was a bit disappointed with Siri at first as it seams that it’s still not picking up what I’m saying very well. This could be because I’m using an old Bluetooth earpiece or because I don’t use it that often. My ‘one big thing’ moment was when I forgot to enable Bluetooth and took a gamble and ask Siri to do it (something I’ve wanted it to do for a while), in iOS7 this now works and you can also switch on Wi-Fi ( and switch them both off) by asking Siri.


Unwanted attention

So I decided to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 7 this morning…

(for my thoughts on the changes see my existing blog posting about what I’d like in a future iOS release).

One of the things I was really wanting to try (it sounds silly, but sometimes it’s the simple things) was blocking unwanted and unsolicited Sales calls.

Until this morning, when I receive one of these annoying calls, I have added the number to an existing contact called ‘Unsolicited Sales Call’ and set it to a ring tone that I could easily ignore.

Now that I’m on iOS7 I received a call that I didn’t know the number and I remembered hearing about this feature so I thought I would try to find it…

To block a number I went to ‘Phone’ and then select ‘recents’ to get a list of all the most recent calls. I then selected the Information icon ( circle with a lowercase i inside) on the right of the entry I wanted blocked. Once there I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and found the ‘Block this Caller’ option [this changes to ‘unblock this Caller’ so you can undo the change if you’ve made the change in error].

Since I’ve already added calls that I’ve received from sales organisations into the one contact name all I needed to do was block this user and all the calls will be blocked in one go. Any new calls I do get can just be added to this user and they will be blocked from then on. So no need to block each individual number!!

Very handy, Thanks Apple 🙂