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iPhone ideas

Further to my posting on what I would like to see in the next iOS release, I have spotted rumours about Apple allegedly approaching their Apple store staff for “out of this world” ideas for the next iPhone.

So what would I like to see?

Ability to project images. This could be used to show pictures and films at locations where there isn’t an Apple TV. The problem with this is one of the camcorder companies already used this idea (fairly unsuccessfully I believe), Also there are a lot of companies providing this as an add on for the iPhone and it may use a lot of power?!

I’d love a Virtual ‘floating’ keyboard to allow more space (would work with the iOS concept) for typing but still allowing you to read what you had typed. This would be really handy for filling in forms on websites using Pages and stuff like editing LinkedIn and WordPress postings :-). The alternative would be the laser keyboard which has been around for some time ( or keyboard keys are beamed into a work surface from the phone and it detects which key you are pressing).

For those of you that have read my posting on the future of IT will not be surprised by: 3D display and the ability to take and record 3D pictures. Think of all the extra you could see in 3D. I’m sure I read that there was a camera sensor that could record different angles when taking a picture, and the detail was supposedly really good despite having a low megapixel sensor.

This brings me to an issue with all phone cameras, they are rubbish when taking photos or movies at a music gig. Considering that Apple have always had a link to music (from the early fights with Apple Corp when Apple added sound and the sosumi sound). So why can’t we take really good gig pics and videos? Maybe the sensor I mentioned above may help or maybe it’s because the sensors can’t handle the variation in light produced at gigs (ie dark hall, bright spots in the acts and strobe / light effects flashed at the audience to
enhance the atmosphere.) There have been some recent TV adverts comparing the Nokia Lumia to the iPhone and other smart phones, these adverts compare the pictures taken in dark conditions so this gives me the impression there is a desire for a phone with a sensor that can handle varied light conditions when taking videos and photos.

I’m sure I’ll add more to this
list as I consider the issue(s) further.. keep checking back people..


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