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Disabling access to Apple

I can’t be the only one who has noticed the lack of facilities for disabled users at Appe Stores?

I may have missed something, or maybe Apple Stores have the facilities such as adjustable height tables or devices such as brail displays stored in Genius Bar or in the warehouse in the back. But if they are there, why are they hidden away?

I’ve had an interest in disabled access since I helped blind Windows PC users who used Jaws screen reader to navigate the screen, with a flat bed scanner and OCR (Optical Character Recodnition) software to read mail that had been sent to them, which was not in their preferred brail format.

There are such a wide range of devices that help people with accessibility issues and I’m aware that Apple include technologies such as Siri, vibration ringtones, Large print and that’s just on iOS devices. OSX has loads of options that help, but I don’t feel that these are promoted in the stores or even enabled on the devices in store to promote these options.

I even went into one of the Apple Stores to ask about the accessibility options for the iPad when a family member had issues communicating, unfortunately the staff had not received the relevant training and I never did learn what I needed to know.

I know that Apple have free “workshop” training on Accessibility for OS X and also iOS available at Apple stores, however when I’ve looked it’s always been scheduled for during the day, so it’s not convenient for me and as such I can’t advise if the training is any good.

So how accessible are Apple stores? The stores appear to have enough space for wheel chairs, but what about everything else? If anyone knows anything further, please feel free to contact me and I’ll update this article accordingly.


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