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Altiris: Part 1

I thought I’d give my insights into what I believe to be best practice when it comes to creating deployment jobs.

Looking back at my early days creating Altiris deployment jobs, most of them appear to be a case of push out the installer and hope for the best (something it appears my colleagues still do !!?). So what do I suggest has to be considered before creating an Altiris deployment job?

Here are my top recommendations.
(more details to follow in further posts)

  • What Operating system is the software compatible with? Are there different installers for different OS ?
  • What software does the installer rely on (ie prerequisites)? Is the required software already installed? Can you check? Can you install it if not?
  • Is there sufficient space on the client to Install the software? (Some jobs may need to copy the install locally before they are run)
  • Are other installs (ie Windows update, previous Altiris jobs) running, which could cause the install to fail?
  • Which type of installer does the application use? Does it support silent / quiet / unattended / admin install? How can you tell?
  • Has the installer really worked and not just returned successfully? How do you check?
  • Have you cleaned up any temporary files and/or folders created during the install?
  • Have you updated the inventory?
  • Has the installer completed before the ‘get Inventory’ task runs?
  • Are there any permissions / access changes required? (registry keys / folders)
  • Are changes needed to the program, config files, shortcuts? Or Is additional software required to check for access (ie to a network share)?
  • Have you tested your install? Is there a standard build / department build you can test it with?

More to follow…


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