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Please Sir, can I have more

WWDC 2012 announcement was spoilt (in my opinion) because of the constant Apple rumour mill throwing up wild allegations about what could have been announced.

Having said that, I have always fancied buying a MacBook Pro 17″ near the end of this year to celebrate finishing my OU studies (6 years is a long time with your nose in academic books just to get a piece of paper with some letters on it).
Now Apple have thrown a curve ball and axed the 17″ and brought the retina display to the 15″ whilst improving the performance & making it slimmer. I suppose you could think of it as a pairing of an iPad 3rd gen and an MacBook Air, to form this magical creation that has everything that a modern laptop should have whilst being future proof enough to be considered a step ahead of the competition when it’s a few years old.

As yet I’ve still to see the new Retina display MacBook Pro 15″ in an Apple Store but as I still have months of studying left before I take the plunge so I guess waiting a while won’t be too much of a trauma.

As for the rest of the announcements, there was an upgrade to the rest of the MacBook range (inc the Air) and a few updates on what to expect in the upcoming iOS 6 and Mountain Lion releases later in the year.

If you want to see the video of the event you can always subscribe to the Apple Keynotes podcast on Apple’s site, however most of the product updates went live on each of Apple’s international sites after the announcements finished in the US.

Speculation mounts that a new iPhone will be announced the same time as the iOS 6 is finally released, which makes sense considering Apple’s schedule for hardware releases in the past, however Apple has changed since Steve Jobs passed and Apple has always been a forward looking company so maybe these events won’t happen as they have in the past.

I have noticed (in recent security emails and Apple updates) that the latest version of AirPort Utility for OS X has been released and there is mention of a updated model of Airport Express (Details from MacWorld) one of the changes has been the addition of dual band, allowing better integration as a repeater for an Airport Extreme. Apple have also released an updated version of iTunes for OS X and Windows to fix some issues and they have released a security update to fix some issues in Java on the latest versions of OS X ( as usual 10.5 and later don’t get the update, Apple stopped supporting the latest version of Java on these a long time ago )

So as usual Apple have been busy and they have not announced all the changes at WWDC, but held the small changes back for those of us who notice the small changes 😉


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