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The irony of someone called Trump complaining about wind power has not passed me by but I won’t use it as a cheep joke.

For those in the world who have not heard, the million/Billionaire Donald Tump got planning permission in Scotland to build yet another golf course, despite the concerns of various parties including some concerned with animal and environmental protection.

Now he is complaining because there is a plan to build off shore wind turbine farm that will be visible from his new golf resort ( I believe that the actual resort building has not been built yet).

His concerns appear to be that the turbines will blight the landscape (or seascape), that wind turbines cause bird deaths, that the tourist trade of Scotland will be affected and that the turbines will be produced by Asian countries ( I think he said china but I could be wrong).

Whilst Mr Trump may have loads of money, I do wonder how he made that
money and whether he has lost touch with reality and the realities of the normal working person, specifically the Scottish public and the tourists that visit Scotland.

I am quite sure that if the average tourist realised that the energy they use came from natural, low carbon sources such as wind (yeah I have taken into account that wind power does use CO2 in it’s production, if not whilst it produces the electricity) they would far prefer visiting Scotland than other non environmentally friendly locations.

Although the initial cost of such installations may be high, once in place maintenance costs are low and this means low cost electricity generation and although Mr Trump may not care about how much he pays for his power I’m sure that most of Scotland do and our tourists certainly will be put off by high costs of goods, accommodation etc if Scotland doesn’t start moving to more sustainable forms of energy.

With the growth of electric vehicles and the move away from fossil fuels, not only for environmental reasons but also because of the cost and health implications, the demand for more environmental methods of generating power for the growing demand should increase.

As for any risk to bird population that Mr Trump mentions, I’m sure that studies of existing wind turbines have indicated that this is a myth, which is constantly brought up by people against such installations. To be honest if you consider how birds deal with all sorts of man made objects it’s a bit insulting to suggest birds can’t cope with wind turbines. Animals are very resilient creatures, something that anyone will agree on after seeing deer at the side of the M8 or other of Scotland’s motorways. There are probably more bird deaths from other man made and natural sources that those produced by wind farms. If I am not mistaken Mr Trump was less concerned about the plight of wild birds when he built his golf course and how many birds has he killed with his international ‘jet’ set life, flying around the world, I wonder?

Any small impact to the natural ecosystem of the Scottish landscape, either at sea, land or air, from such installations will be small but the impact to the worlds natural animal and human population of not going ahead with such installations is far greater.

Finally, Mr Trump probably would be much happier if a company he owned or held shares in were building the turbines and I feel he has a grudge against those companies that are investing in Scotland’s green energy sector. These companies are working with the Scottish workforce, bringing back much needed engineering industry and skills we have lost from shipyards etc over the decades.

Has Mr Trump not realised that all these business people like golfing and do a lot of their networking on the golf course? They want to come and visit a country that is not just implementing these turbines but developing and testing other green forms of energy creation. Scotland could be a world leader by utilising our universities and natural resources including our labour and creative spirit not to mention our determination in creating better and more efficient sources of environmentally friendly power.

If Mr Trump wants to pull out of Scotland that’s his choice, but for me Scotland has a bright green future ahead of it and I’m proud to be Scottish and proud of our environment, every part of it, from wind turbines to the great glens, munros and our wildlife.


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