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Social Media Apps & Mobile Sites

I love my iPhone, I was lucky enough to win it in a competition run by the employment web site Monster Jobs when they launched their first iOS application for their site.

Early on I loved to surf the web on it as it was just like surfing from my PC and I soon became used to the lack of Flash support, After all HTML5 was the future!

Now I get frustrated that the same sites, years later, still have flash based sites or even worse direct me to the Mobile version of the site. Why can’t these sites get their sites fixed, the iPhone, iPad and various other mobile devices have been out for years but they are still alienating a large percentage of their market by redirecting mobile devices to these useless sites??

The biggest frustration has to be social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Kiltr and the like. Not only do these sites direct you to the mobile version of their site but they also promote their iOS app saying it will provide a better experience. Sorry but the vast majority of the apps and mobile versions of the websites do not even provide the same experience, instead they give you the minimum data they think that you want.

Sorry but I want at least the same data and a better experience than I get from the actual site, that’s what I’m used to as an Apple fan.. Give me better, better design, better interaction, better responses.. just better everything.

I don’t understand how these sites provide a substandard product and then crow about it as if it’s brilliant, it’s not, it’s crap. Most don’t even have the most up to date info on the app, I often get an email advising me of an update on one of the sites only to open the app and see nothing new, even after it has updated and pulled down any updated data.. Why??

One day I will actually get an app that does what it said on the tin and wow me so that I won’t want to start up my iPad or iMac in order to access the full website and I will be able to do everything I want from my iPhone.

Some day?


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