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Just a Zurker for social networking websites?

I was on LinkedIn the other day and someone posted a link to a new social media startup called Zurker.

There are loads of different networking sites touting for your patronage but Zurker’s uniqueness comes from the idea that the early members get virtual shares and gain extra shares as they increase their contacts on the site.

Whilst this is clearly a ploy to get greedy people to get as many virtual shares as possible and boost the member base, the site itself appears to be based on mutual development of the site. This is a nice change from sites such as Facebook who appear to want to make changes because they think it looks better, rather than what the users want.

Zurker are developing sites for each country that they are expanding into with a vShare system for each site. I have been looking at the UK site but there are sites for the US Australia, Europe, etc

So far on my early look at Zurker there are the usual get rich quick and business types looking to get a quick buck but there are a lot of creative, IT and media users that should allow Zurker to develop and become a thriving, vibrant community. Only time will tell how the site will develop but I for one am hoping for utopia but will settle for something more democratic than Facebook.

If you are interested in finding more about Zurker, which is currently in Beta, feel free to join the UK site via my invite link >

I’ll update this page as I explore further..


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