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The future’s bright, the future is Apple

Since the passing of Steve Jobs I’ve been thinking about the future of Apple.

I have been an fan of Apple for some time and I’ve got a feeling, from all the rumours, of what I believe the future may hold.

If you are looking for clear answers click away now, I want to keep my ideas under my hat so I’ve only hinted at my vision, but if you are thinking the same way as myself then you will get the idea. And if Apple don’t go down the route I’m expecting then who knows what the future will hold.

I believe that everything that has been said about the future of Apple and the computer industry is based on very conservative thinking, almost are rehashing what has come before.

Now before I go any further, I’d like to say that if anyone said that Apple have made products that were already envisioned years ago in PARC, I would agree wholeheartedly. The iPad, the iMac and the iPod Touch, even the mouse and the GUI appear to have all been derived from devices/concepts dreamt up in the fabled Xerox project team ( which Steve Jobs visited). What Apple have done, however, is taken those great design dreams and made them into an affordable and marketable reality, where everyone else has passed these gems past as they were stuck in their grey thinking business bubbles.

So what of the future?

My future vision of Apple products make Minority Report look clunky and as laughable as 60s robots look today.

I can imagine the next generation of computers finally moving further from the clunky boxes they still are and move further into the entertainment devices we are getting familiar with getting from Apple.

I’d like to take a side step at this point to comment on the pictures I’ve seen of Windows 8 (online). Windows 8 appears to have tried to take the concepts of social networks and present Web technologies to create an interface that looks more like a jumble of papers, from a house that’s just been burgled, than an actual usable interface. It appears to me that Microsoft are trying to adopt current trends to create something, rather than innovating the future interface their customers want. It appears to me that they are trying to jump start the Frankenstein that was Active Desktop on Windows 98.

Ok back to my point..

Where we used to have laptops or desktop PCs we will have a device that we can interact with in a more natural way, bringing the user and the experience closer together than ever before, providing content on demand at our fingertips.

I envisage Apple taking the desktop interface that we are all familiar with and deepening the experience to provide a sense of realism and interactivity that most have not even envisaged.

The future appears to be based in interactivity, 3D and responsiveness with the environment like nothing we have seen or comprehended before.

Move over Sci-Fi reality is taking over and I hope, coming to an Apple store soon?

PS Anyone up for Apple making printers again? I believe that printers are ready for a remake.

Think smaller, quicker, better… Turning things round and seeing things differently, something Apple is known for and can pull off with their marketing flair.

If, like me, you read about Steve Job’s influences you may be able to see the same possibilities that came to me a few weeks back..

Sometimes thinking inside the box works.. 😉