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I just found out about the closure of Rock Radio Scotland!!

I have listened to Rock Radio over the past year or so and have grown to look forward to tuning into a station that is more in line with my musical tastes than other stations.

Since the Rock Radio down south was rebranded as Real Radio XS ( which according to some friends is not much of a change from the format it was putting out) the Scottish station appeared to be getting stronger, looking for new acts, playing a wider range of music & overall appeared to be growing up to be more than it had ever been before.

Unfortunately, as the station appeared to be breaking free from it’s GMG straightjacket, it appears that the short sightedness of the management and advertisers ( who clearly do not understanding the massive market out there that would be willing to associate their favourite music with good quality brands.. ) caused the rock from Glasgow to get the axe..

Despite Rock Radio Scotland website showing that Rock Radio is being rebranded as Real Radio XS (as it was in England), we all know that the heart of this great station has been ripped out & stamped on. What will be left will be nothing more than the equivalent of leaving an iPod on shuffle with only classic rock on it..

More Music My Arse!!

Whilst I like Classic Rock (Yes my iTunes is full of it ), the reason it’s classic is because the bands got a start in the first place, without an outlet for new artists/bands the genre will go underground & loads of bands won’t get the recognition they deserve ( which might be where it needs to go, but I’d personally like to showcase the new & great and build the genre & give it room to grow again).

What the world needs is someone or a group of likeminded individuals, to create a replacement for Rock Radio. I’ve listened to some on-line stations that have held possibilities, but nothing has come close, so far..

I think that where GMG have been short sighted someone will take the opportunity & create what the listeners to Rock Radio were looking for..

Long live Rock !!


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