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HP OfficeJet Pro 8000

From time to time I’m asked to recommend a printer for the different departments within the organisation I work for and recently I have been recommending the HP OfficeJet Pro 8000.

The 8000 is a great printer for general printing, for £50-100 you can get a colour network inkjet printer that’s suitable for a small group of occasional users (up to 10 users) that prints A4.

The printer has separate ink tanks (4) which are accessible from the front of the printer and replaceable print heads (2) which allows for easy replacement of inks as they run out and print heads as they become blocked or near their End of Life.

The print quality and speed are acceptable at 15 pages 1200x1200dpi per minute black and 11 pages 4800x1200dpi per minute for colour (speed calculated using OSI standard).

The printers green credentials are good as it is Energy Star compliant and uses a max of 48w, usually consuming only 25.2w and reducing down to 3w on power saving.

The printer also supports common OSs including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000 – 2008 & Mac OS X 10.4 and up.

For home users or offices that use Wi-Fi, you can purchase the a version of this printer with a Wi-Fi for not a lot more than the normal version.

For larger offices, an Enterprise version of this printer is available. The enterprise version has a memory upgraded from the original 32MB to 256MB and the print speed is improved, presumably because of the memory.

All 3 models come with a 250 sheet input tray and the output tray can hold 50 pages, however users that need an additional input tray then an additional 250 sheet tray is available for all models.

All in all the printers appear to be great for small groups of users or homes that want to share their printer over their home Wi-Fi. I also believe that the price of the ink isn’t to bad either 🙂

UPDATE: The basic 8000 model no longer appears to be available. There also appears to be some issues with these printers.

The enterprise version supports HP Universal Print Driver driver, however the basic model still uses the specific printer driver for that model (note the model number is different for the enterprise and basic model), which adds an additional level of support if you have both installed on your Windows server.

I’ve also had reports that the printer has trouble printing multiple copies of the same document, this could just be an issue with the application that is sending the prints (Office 2000 pro) but the issue appears to affect both basic and enterprise versions [further information to follow].


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