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Thoughts on Apple Store Braehead Grand Opening

On Saturday at 9 am the Apple Store Braehead opened it’s shiny glass doors to the public for the Grand Opening.

The crowed was small but they were clearly Apple fans and some of the younger members of the queue were heard to mention that they would have liked to have worked in the store.

As with All Apple Store Grand openings you could hear the Apple Staff throughout the shopping centre and on numerous occasions I spotted shoppers wondering what the commotion was about as they peered down from the first floor balcony to the shiny new store below, looking bemused and confused by the event.

The Apple staff were in great spirits and some appeared to be leading their colleagues from the front of the corridor of blue t-shirts just inside the front of the store, creating a ripple of excitement (or in my wife’s case fear, as she hates Apple Store openings.. loves the products, likes the stores, loves the design of the non mall stores, but hates the hype) as each customer made their way from the queue into the new Store to claim their Opening Day t-shirt & Visitors Guide, a chance to gaze at the new store & the shiny new Apple products on offer within.

Something that summed up the opening for me was the kid that was getting photographed at the front of the store, I assume that he was first in the queue and won something. The kid was surrounded by the hyper Apple staff and was being photographed, but like a true Scottish kid, did he smile? No chance.. He looked like he was going to school when he had a test that day.. If I’d won something I’d have been bouncing off the ‘king walls..

Over the weekend it has struck me that there was a lack of press coverage.. no tweets from Braehead Shopping Centre (just double checked – only a few replies to others tweets about the store and a link to their store directory listing for the Apple store). The press that mentioned back in February / March that the store was coming didn’t appear to have a presence at the launch. Even the Internet appears to have passed on this store opening for the other Grand Openings in the US and Germany.

I know Braehead is not the most exciting place to have an Apple Store, but it’s our store, Renfrewshire’s Apple Store (despite the address showing Glasgow).. Well until the next Scottish store open anyways.. [looking at the rumours on]

I’ll post some photos when I’m back at my desktop Mac.. ( or check my Color feed) for those of you that are interested..

If your interested in finding out other people’s views on the Grand Opening see Colin Kell’s blog of the Grand Opening


3 responses to “Thoughts on Apple Store Braehead Grand Opening

  1. Daniel Gemmell September 21, 2011 at 22:23

    i am that boy that is getting the photo taken 🙂

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