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Safe and secure on Windows & OS X

For a few years now I have had to use a secure USB device for storing files ( drivers, installs, etc) as it’s company policy and the PCs have security software to prevent anyone (even us in IT) from using non secure devices.

My main issue with this has been that we support both Windows and Apple systems so have had to use Integral Crypto devices for the PCs and non secure devices for the Apple OS X machines.

I always thought it was a poor situation and I’m sure I ranted about it at the time.

I have just found that Integral now not only now produce a Mac version of the Crypto but have recently launched a Crypto Dual device, which works on both Windows and OS X!!

The device also has some handy extra features, including a unique code etched into the device for easy identification (something that was really needed in the original versions), The ability to have all the devices in your organisation to have a company hardware ID set on the devices ( allows security software to identify the devices that the company have purchased and which ones users have purchased and brought in ) and lastly, it allows for an administrator account password to be set in addition to a user password, allowing IT departments to recover data when the user has forgotten their password, so long as they have not exceeded the 5 allowed attempts which I believe still results in the data being deleted.

I have done a bit of checking and the devices are all available in the UK from Insight prices are roughly (Inc VAT) for the 32 GB versions..
PC basic version: £127
Mac 140 version: £147
Dual version: £132

Alternatively for PC users I have seen the PC only version as PC World in the past. For Mac users the Apple store sells the Mac only versions (well the on-line store does at time of writing this)

The Security level may vary slightly between these versions so I would suggest checking the prices on Insight and the specifications on Integral.

If anyone from Integral is reading this feel free to contact me with full details or to give me a review model so I can give the Dual version a try!! Hey if you don’t ask you don’t get!! 😉


For those unfortunate enough to have a Windows PC at work and an Apple at home and have been given one of the Windows only versions (ie you are in a Windows only workplace but have a Mac at home), I have tested a solution to your Issue.

On my Apple iMac ( Intel Duo circa 2006) at home I have installed the free VirtualBox software from Oracle (was Sun) and installed Microsoft Windows 7 onto the virtual PC created by the software. By installing the VirtualBox add-on pack into Windows 7 you can set it to allow access to the Secure pen drive. This works like a dream and I can copy files off and onto the device without any issues.

I assume that Bootcamp, Parallels etc will do a similar job, but I can not test this as my iMac uses an external
monitor due to a damaged LCD panel / controller so I can’t use it for bootcamp and I don’t have parallels or it’s competitors.

I assume that this will only work with Intel Macs (ie I suspect that older PPC apple devices won’t be able to get it to work as they don’t have the Intel chipset)

Of anyone wants to know more feel free to contact me.


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