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As anyone that reads my blog is aware I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboy, so it’s no surprise that I regularly follow rumours on the proposed future Apple product developments, taking everything with a pinch of salt (as you have to with any rumours).

I have recently been looking on the Internet to see if there are any further rumours about the proposed (ie reported in the Scottish press) Apple Store in Braehead.

During my trawl, I found a page from the Paisley Daily Express that appeared to indicate that Apple are considering an Edinburgh store in Princess St?? I also found an older website that also had this suggestion (although it also suggested East Kilbride) and this has got me thinking..

Just to justify my comments for a second, I like the hidden parts of Edinburgh with it’s Indy record stores and quirky little shops (I miss the Chocolatier that used to be near the Scottish Parliament – cracking choice of hot chocolate), but there’s too much tourist tat and the parking is horrendous. East Kilbride is Ok, but it’s not got anything you can’t get in Glasgow and the old parts of the shopping centre are feeling very dated the last time I was there ( which was some time ago, so to be honest it may have improved?)

Going back to my original point, could there be places in Scotland that Apple could open stores, places like Edinburgh and East Kilbride that have tried to pull their shopping streets and shopping centres up from their bootstraps, but struggled because of the economy. Could Apple use their retail magic to turn these pumpkins into crystal coaches and bring other big names to cinderella’s ball like they did with Regents St, London?

On a Personally note, I would love Apple to open a store in the Glasgow Fort, partially because it’s on my doorstep, but also because it’s a great location and, since the rumour that Marks & Spencer’s were going to build a store there a few Xmas’ back, there hasn’t been much in the way of exciting new developments ( sorry I’m not interested in fashion clothing stores & the loss of Borders has ripped out the heart of the fort for me).

In my mind, there are a few things going in the fort’s favour, including late night shopping on the run up to Xmas and twice a year the fort opens early for the Next sale, which snakes round the closed stores as the coffee shops (Costa & Starbucks) and the food stalls provide the queuing shoppers with morning rolls & drinks. I’m sure that the centre management and security would happily accommodate the same for a store opening or several product launches.

Looking at the area around the fort, North and South Lanarkshire, who I believe use a lot of Apple products in their schools, would benefit from the store and the store would benefit from parents and teachers purchasing from the store. Areas of Glasgow, not already covered by the Buchanan Street store or the proposed Braehead store, would also benefit in a similar way.

Since it appears that M&S aren’t going to build the store rumoured at the fort, there is enough land for Apple to build a shiny new store right next to the M8 which would act like a beacon for style shoppers who have passed but not taken the opportunity to pop in.

Where will Apple wave it’s retail wand in Scotland next? Only they know, but I’m sure I’ll be there when they do, to get a launch day t-shirt! (ok so I didn’t go to the Aberdeen opening.. but you can’t have it all)

Update (26/04/13): I’ve just had a look on my WordPress stats and someone searched for “when does the apple store open in the fort in glasgow”, do they know something no one
else does, or is is just coincidence? I’m not aware of anyone else touting The Glasgow Fort as an Apple Store location so it’s interesting to spot this.. If you are the person who searched, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter (see the Braehead Apple Store posts).


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