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Monthly Archives: April 2011

iPad in hand is worth…

A week after the official UK launch we ( my good lady wife and myself) finally got our hands on the shiny new device.

We decided to splurge and get an iPad for Xmas with family giving us money towards it, but just before the festive season started the Apple rumour mill whispered about the fabled iPad2.

Luckily we decided to hold fire and see whether the rumours were true. Last night my better half contacted the Glasgow Buchanan St Apple Store and got the low-down on how to get our hands on the device.

We now have a 16GB iPad 2 (black) which is what we wanted, and it was easier than you would expect.

For those readers who don’t yet know the secret… Go to and select the ‘Apple Retail Store’ link at the bottom of the page.

You should then get a page with the iPad 2 in the main panel, just below that is a ‘reserve now’ link. If you go to the page at exactly 9PM then you may be lucky to reserve your own iPad for store pickup the next day, with free setup !!

The Apple Store staff are brilliant and remember that if you are new to the iPad they are presently running free Workshops on the iPad along with all their other free Workshops ( ask in any Apple store or go to your nearest stores via and select ‘Workshops’ within the ‘make a Reservation’ menu at the top left of the stores page.)

Personally, I was a little disappointed with my Apple Store experience, but I have an expectation of Apple and sometimes Apple staff do not quite match my expectations. As usual Apple have asked for feedback on our visit ( because they want to know what their customers think and want the best experience for them) so are aware and I’m sure will resolve the issues before my next visit.

So I’m now home and upgrading iOS to the latest version, setting up iTunes to save the photos & movies to a different location from my iPhone and generally setting it up the way I want ( or should that be we want ?).

Time to hand it back to the better half and get back to studying.