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No where to hide

For years Windows administrators have been hiding file and printer shares using share names ending with $, even Microsoft does it on XP and Windows servers ie C$

My problem with these hidden shares happened a few years back when staff that I support complained of being unable to print from some applications. After investigation it appears that some Windows based programs have difficulty printing to print queues that end in $. The fault happens in Microsoft Publisher most often, where it appears to ignore the $ sign at the end. Recently it has also been reported with Adobe Acrobat Reader (hence this blog entry).

The only solution appears to re share the print queue on the server without the $ in the name, which unfortunately makes the queue browsable (unless you have disabled browsing via Active Directory).

This fault is really frustrating, but just one of these things that you need to live with when you have admin on a server, without Domain Administrator rights.

The only option open appears to be to ensure that, although the print queue is browsable and users could add the queue to their PC, the security is set so that only appropriate groups have access to print to the queue, something that I believe should be set up even if the queue is hidden.

Hope this helps someone experiencing the same issue and if I find a suitable solution I’ll post it here.

(comments welcome)


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