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Rotten apples?

As most Apple geeks in the West of Scotland are aware (according to press reports in February), Apple is allegedly building the third Scottish Apple store in Braehead Shopping Centre, which appears to be an ideal choice.

Braehead and the Hillington area are situated just off the M8 motorway and the area is already home to some exclusive brands such as Porche and Porcelanosa, Making it an ideal location, especially as the store will fit in nicely within the Breahead shopping centre.

So why the sour taste in my mouth? The reason is that whilst openly welcoming Apple to the Renfrewshire area ( Braehead is classed as being in Renfrewshire rather than Glasgow), I’m aware that the local council are actively forcing schools and other council departments to buy Windows based PCs with a view to having the IT estate Windows only within under 5 years!!

It is my opinion that Apple systems, despite their initial costs, have a better Return on Investment, Total Cost of Ownership and lower running costs compared to the ‘recommended’ Windows based computers currently forced on the council departments and support staff.

I’m sure that there is some sort of policy on the ‘green’ credentials of the machines purchased and I would be amazed if Apple could not pass or surpass the same criteria.

So why the apparent anti-Mac stance?

I believe that the majority of the support staff do not understand how to support OS X and are very Windows centric.

I believe that Apple’s OS X performs better than Windows and is more compatible with Windows / Unix servers and desktops than Windows could ever be with OS X because it had been designed to (to coin a phrase from most teachers end of term report cards) ‘work well with others’.

I hope that Apple decide to donate some systems to the local Schools, just to see what the impact will be within the council and to see their red faces as they try to explain their position to the press and Apple.

( looking at Google today I found a confirmation that Apple are actively recruiting for the store -> )


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