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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Until now, someone mentioning Ted would have probably had me thinking of the Channel 4 comedy ‘Father Ted’, That all changed when I was introduced to

I’ve just been on the site and although it’s not the most user friendly and inviting site (despite the nice stylish font end) the content grabbed me by my curiosity.

I just sat and watched a 2009 presentation by Evan Williams on the creation of Twitter and how a random side project turned into a phenomenon that has changed so many lives and shapes the information I have access to every day.

I highly recommend checking out the content on TED, which has topics such as Technology, Design, Innovation and the like. I’m sure it will be of interest to those of you who will be reading this blog now and in years to come.


alleged Anonymous 5 arrested?

A recent report on advises that 5 people have been arrested over Service Denial attacks on the sites that pulled support for WikiLeaks (Amazon, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal )

The report advises that a message, allegedly from Anonymous, states that the DDOS attacks were legal and is a form of protest in an Internet age.

I’m sure that this story will continue for some time, and hopefully those who have been arrested have proper legal guidance (EFF anyone?) article ‘Met Police arrest five alleged Anonymous hacktivists’ can be found here:

Tablets cause Windows sales drop? report that Microsoft results show Windows sales dropping by 30%, but their profits being boosted by ‘huge sales of the Xbox games console and the Kinect controller’.

The article suggests that the Apple iPad and other manufacturers tablets are affecting the traditional market for PCs with Windows.

So are Microsoft feeling the pressure or is this just another blip due the the current global economy ?

Computing article ‘ Microsoft reveals mixed results as Windows sales fade’ available at: